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Whisky Seltzer

HaiBall is a hard seltzer for Whisky lovers made with only real Whisky and premium sparkling water.

Let’s save the world from the claws of flavored malt beverages.

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0g sugar
0g carbs
100% flavor
ABV 5.9%

Can you can quality?

HaiBall is a hard seltzer for Whisky lovers that captures the delicate art of the Japanese highball. We spiked premium sparkling water with properly aged Whiskies that we sourced from Scotland, USA, and Japan and blended ourselves - purposely and with quality in mind.

We followed the genius of the Japanese cocktail that leaves nothing to chance and applied it to HaiBall. Some would find our above-and-beyond approach crazy, but you can’t fake the flavor.

The name plays with the word ‘hai’ which means ‘yes’ in Japanese, while the clean design that uses Kanji echoes the simplicity of highball and the purity of ingredients.

Say YES to quality - say HAI to authentic Whisky and its flavor.

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Origami of flavors

HaiBall aims high but remains simple at its core: we spiked pure and crystalline sparkling water with a superior Whisky blend we created exclusively for HaiBall. To make it extra refreshing, we added a lemon wedge. Each ingredient is premium, while the artfully concocted blend is more than a sum of its parts.

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How does it taste
  • 17 YO Single Malt Scotch
  • High Proof Bourbon
  • 3 YO American Rye Whiskey
  • 12 YO Blended Scotch Whisky
  • 10 YO Japanese Whisky
  • A hint of 8 YO Peated Scotch
  • Perfect bubble size
  • 100% pure
  • Refreshing
  • From real lemons
  • 100% natural
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The origins of the term “highball” are disputed, but there are several theories. One of them comes from a nineteenth-century US railroad signal, where a raised ball on the signal post meant the train could pass through without stopping. The idea of getting somewhere fast inspired a cocktail that was quick to make and imbibe.
The Japanese came up with the Highball with food in mind because they enjoy alcoholic beverages with their meal. Instead of drinking straight Whisky, they opted to dilute it with soda and ice to create a refreshingly lighter - and still flavorful - drink. Highballs increased in popularity after WWII when the country was recovering, and people wanted a cheap drink.
In most Japanese bars, you’ll just get an ounce or so of Whisky topped off with bottled soda water. In some places, though, you can experience Mizuwari, which means “cut with water.” It’s an elaborate process that involves stirring the Whisky 13 and a half times and the cocktail three and a half more times.
HaiBall can
0g sugar
0g carbs
100% flavor
ABV 5.9%

Available in 6-packs (12 fl.oz. cans)

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HaiBall is a blend of carbonated water, four different types of Whisky, and 100% natural lemon without artificial flavorings. There's no sugar and no carbs in HaiBall.
HaiBall does not contain any major food allergens, although it is packaged in facilities that may use allergens such as milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, etc. Please talk to your doctor before drinking HaiBall if you have allergen concerns.
All ingredients in HaiBall are gluten-free.
No, HaiBall is not kosher certified.
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